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How To Benefit From OJS Hosting And OJS Customization?

As a publisher how do you stand to gain from OJS hosting, OJS themes and custom OJS plug-ins. OJS hosting publishing software can transform both the quality and economics of publishing. E-journal publishing has transformed significantly. With changes in the IT landscape, opportunities for cost and resource rationalization are on the rise. Netfunda Publizer is the online journal publishing software that combines the metrics of OJS hosting, OJS themes and OJs custom development.

Smart OJS Hosting On-Cloud
The main driver of the transformation of e-journal publishing is OJS hosting. OJS hosting publishing software that gets installed on the cloud reduces complexities greatly. Publizer is an e-journal publishing system that offers automatic OJS installation on cloud. With just a click OJS hosting gets executed on the cloud without any manual interface. This fastens the speed of OJS installation and releases resources and time. In hindsight automatic OJS installation saves money.

Enhanced Functionality for […]

How To Get More Out Of Your Subscription Billing Software: An SME Perspective

Subscription billing software can offer value based solutions to the SME sector. Subscription billing, when executed with efficiency can be a source of competitive advantage. Small businesses find it particularly difficult to handle receivables management. Sustaining in cut throat competition requires a business model that shall generate recurring revenue. Moreover, there is also a constant threat of revenue churn. Revenue churn may occur due to many reasons. Customer loyalty, customer interface and complexity in billing are some of the foremost reasons behind revenue churn. Recurring revenue in the hindsight means recurring billing. The objective then is to have a solution for subscription plan management. Effective subscription plan management kills many birds with one stone
Read here to learn more on this issue.

Build traffic with trial pricing and coupons
As new kids on the block, the first hurdle that small businesses have to cross is traffic building. Beyond doubt, a competitive price […]

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On–Cloud Products: Globalization Has A New Address

On-cloud products seem to be the latest silverware to embellish the cupboard of globalization pundits. Globalization as an economic phenomenon has always had a loyal friend in information technology. Cloud computing takes this nexus between globalization and information technology to the zenith.

The first stoppage en route the journey of global business was the ability to penetrate into personal devices for information exchange and computing. This necessitated the innovation of a common interface that was agnostic of platforms and devices. In fact, three years back, Sundar Pichai the man of the moment in 2014, had in an interview made a very eccentric comment: “People live in the cloud 98% of the time”. In fact, he had gone on to raise a further question: “In the bring-your-own-device to work scenario, when people walk into the office with devices on different platforms, how do you give endpoint solutions to each of them?”

App […]

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Netfunda Publizer, The e -Journal Publishing System Plays Brutus

E-Journal publishing system is a distant cousin of English literature. This seems as ambiguous as it can get. ‘Looking through rose tinted glasses’  was a phrase raised to the highest echelons of popularity by the literary classic :
“Alice in the wonderland”
The difference between modernity and its successor is best viewed through a social, economic or technological proxy. Living in the world of cloud computing I have opted for a proxy that is premised on the paradigm of software as a service. My lens to look at the splitting gap between the modern and the post modern is the vengeance of e-journal publishing software.

I bear testimony to that moment of glory when OJS had announced its arrival on the scene. I have a distinct memory of OJS rubbing inspiration on the minds of e-journal publishers in a way similar to the block buster entry of Caesar. For a generation e-journal publishers […]

Joy Of e-Journal Publishing In The City Of Joy!

Books were a man’s best friend. A man was known by the company he kept. To quote a favorite story teller of childhood: “Those were the best of times. Those were the worst of times.” I  wonder what Charles Dickens would have felt had he been born into the XY generation.
The grandiose of the Kolkata Book Fair compels visitors like me to do some soul searching on how modernity has altered the landscape of international book fairs. I have made some observations on striking changes that have impacted the supply of published material as well as buyer behavior.
The biggest difference has been in the way publishing takes place. Among the clutter of journals that even today impress and bewilder us, there has been a startling change in journal publishing. Mammoth journal stands have vanished. Envelopes carrying letters with a call for papers have disappeared. Paper submission does not consume […]

How Did Open Journal System Become A Jurassic Reptile?

This time of the year keeps publishers really busy. The national capital of India, New Delhi is all geared up to host this year’s edition of the book fair. There are book fairs hosted in other cities of India as well. New Delhi and its book fair have always been synonymous with progressive trends. Each year, visitors at the New Delhi Book Fair get to see and discover their city through a new lens. The lens of publishing might appear to be of academic interest to many. But the sheer volume of business in the vertical of publishing is huge. It is serious business to anyone who understands business.

A journal publisher’s world used to resemble a travel back in time. Mammoth printing machines, workers in the press, an editorial section with tons of files and cabinets filled up to the brim with papers. Authors, editors, copywriters and proofreaders going […]

How To Provide World Class Healthcare Without Impacting Fiscal Health?

What is common to Amartya Sen, Jean Dreze, Dr. Manmohan Singh and Barrack Obama? All of them have been unethical and vociferous in their wholehearted participation in the crusade for effective and proactive government sponsored health care programs. As with any agenda of a welfare state, that gets  a thumbs down from markets and economists who cry” fiscal prudence”, programs like Food Security Bill and the Obama HealthCare plan have both come under stinging cynicism in their respective countries- India and USA. On a serious note the TINA (There Is No Alternative) syndrome is too much of a concern to be swept under the rugs. But it is equally true that, when corporate doyens like Bill Gates champion the cause of affordable health care under banners like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, it becomes crystal clear that government sponsored health care is an imperative for good governance. Can […]

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On-Cloud Products – Rise Of Post Modernism

How modern is it to call the present era a modern one? The question may send you in a tizzy. Is not the very present time in which we breathe and live the very best of modernity? If I have to play devil’s advocate and answer this, I will say “No”. For all practical purposes, the modern age was characterized by certain features. The social structures and entities that even today adhere to these features, I must say stand a grave risk of drawing parallelisms with Jurassic reptiles. On-cloud products and platforms are the biggest traits of the post modern era.
What stands tall between the then modern social, economic and political structures and those of the era that we live in is – the rise, rise and rise of the economics of information. It is not that economics of information did not exist then but the very definition of information […]

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Cloud Hosted Solutions for Real Estate Companies from Netfunda

Netfunda offers cloud hosted solutions for real estate companies which have been under pressure for some time now. While credit rating agencies and major investment banks have ruled out a repeat of the 2008 subprime crisis, it is a stark truth that the last few quarters have been tough for most real estate companies. The challenges are many fold. Advances from new projects are decelerating and so are collections from running projects. The net effect – increased borrowings with associated interest costs, which are depleting the bottom-line of companies. On the surface, it looks like a macro-economic crisis. 
However, data on the operational level performance of EPC companies shows a high direct proportionality between the project execution lead-time (and delays) with margin erosions and working capital requirements.  Moral of the story is that delays in project executions lead to direct cash outflow in terms of missing materials and on-site expenses. […]

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Revisiting Adam Smith In The Software as a Service Economy

The rise of software as a service economy has thrown up some blunt questions. The Netfunfa think tank shares a few of those with you

“…every individual… endeavors as much as he can… to direct… industry so that its produce may be of the greatest value…. Neither intends [ing] to promote the public interest, not knowing how much he is promoting it…. He intends only his own gain, and he is in this, as in many other cases, led by an invisible hand to promote an end that was no part of his intention…. By pursuing his own interest he frequently promotes that of society more effectually than when he really intends to promote it…”

Two hundred and thirty years ago the Scottish moral philosopher Adam Smith used a particular metaphor to describe a system. The invisible hand was the face of modernism and is the brain behind post modernism. For […]

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